145.350 Antenna elevation increase

Hello Everyone! I'm proud to announce the 145.350- PL 91.5 repeater in Joplin, Missouri's antenna elevation has been increased to 700 Feet. 


Special Thanks To:

Brian "B1" Adams (KC0AIO) / Tower Monkey
Brian "B2" O'Dell (N0ZSG) / Winch Hencman
Steve Miller (WL7YQ) / Tower Monkey, Iron Gut

Skywarn Net Control Station v0.1b

Download skywarn NCS Beta v0.1 Beta at http://skywarn.n0csw.com/skywarn-ncs-v0.1beta.tar.gz


Windows/Linux web server running php 5.3 or later
mysql 5.0 or later
Mozilla Firefox v21+ Recommended (but not required)
Installation Instructions:

Uncompress to your web server's root folder and then point a browser to your site to start the installation wizard.

for help, please visit my support forum

Weather Display Live! page back online

Click here to view my Weather Display Live! page

This page contains real-time data for my weather station located in Carterrville, Missouri.

Online Ham Radio Practice tests hosted by n0csw.com

Online radio exam practice, US and Canadian - Click Here to Open

The server hosting the ham tests has been repaired as of 2/3/2013 - question pools were updated as well.

Site Back up

I have re-enabled the site, and will be continuing to add content over the next several weeks.

Currently we are developing an Android application, and a (mainly) php and ajax/jquery driven web based application for the local area skywarn group to utilize. Stay tuned for more information.

I am looking for volunteers to develop training content and to beta test applications before storm season. Contact me for more information.

EchoLink Down

EchoLink is down until further notice due to interface problems. I am interfacing the new controller now.

Weather Data Back Online

Take a look at my Weather Stations Data at http://weather.n0csw.com

Thanks to recent donors

A special thank you to:
Harry Peterson - KD0IWU - For Dontaing funds to the 145.350 Repeater
Jeremy Baker - For Donating a Air Conditioner for our tower site

New D-star infastructure on its way!

Hello Everyone!,
First and foremost, our thanks go out to Ray Novak at iCom America and Billy Stewart at W4VEC for helping us so much with our recent projects.
I'm very proud to announce two major changes that are occurring within our group.
First things first, MoKanEP Has a new callsign: KD0POX.
Secondly, we have received a $3,000 donation from iCom to increase the coverage and expand our d-star system into the VHF world, and to finish up our planned additions for a 1.2ghz data module.
I would like to thank everyone at iCom for helping us expand our network, and for selecting us to represent D-star in our local area. Since 2010 we have been the sole supporters of D-star in the area, and will continue to bring you quality digital AND analog radio service for many years to come!

Joplin/Jasper County Skywarn Group on facebook